Testing and Test Infra Capabilities

Elevate Automotive Excellence with Our End-to-End Testing and Test Infrastructure Solutions, Ensuring Unmatched Quality, Safety, and Reliability.

Automotive Testing and Test Infra Capabilities

Our comprehensive Testing and Test Infra Capabilities ensure that automotive systems meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability. From integration to field testing, and from lab setup to test management, we offer a complete range of services to navigate the complexities of automotive testing. Our expertise spans across all testing levels and infrastructure services, incorporating both manual and automated strategies to optimise performance and accelerate time-to-market.

Testing Levels

Our Testing Levels framework is designed to validate and verify the automotive product lifecycle, from individual components to fully integrated systems. We ensure that every aspect of the vehicle’s electronic and software systems performs flawlessly, both in isolation and when integrated within the complex vehicle network.

E/E Systems & Vehicle Integration Testing

We perform rigorous testing on electrical/electronic systems and ensure seamless vehicle integration, addressing compatibility and performance across the board.

FuSa Testing (Static & Dynamic)

Our Functional Safety testing adheres to stringent industry standards, using both static and dynamic methods to ensure system reliability under all conditions.

Software Testing & System Testing

We employ a range of software and system testing methodologies to verify and validate the functional integrity and performance of automotive software systems.

Network Testing

Our network testing services assess the robustness and efficiency of in-vehicle networks, ensuring data integrity and seamless communication between components.

Diagnostic Testing

We specialise in diagnostic testing to promptly identify and troubleshoot system issues, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance.

End of Line Testing & Field Testing

Our end-of-line testing ensures that vehicles are ready for the market, while our field testing services validate performance in real-world conditions.

Fleet Management Applications Testing

We test fleet management solutions to ensure they deliver reliable and efficient operations, optimising fleet performance and safety.

Test Infrastructure Services

Our Test Infrastructure Services deliver an environment where simulation and real-world conditions converge, providing an ideal platform for thorough assessment and development. We offer customised solutions that span from virtual test environments to physical lab setups, ensuring a robust testing framework. These services support the development lifecycle by providing sophisticated tools and systems designed for maximising test efficiency, enhancing diagnostics, and ensuring that testing processes are as streamlined and effective as possible.

LABCAR Build & Setup

We create and configure LABCAR systems to provide a flexible and efficient testing environment for E/E system development.

Test System and Infrastructure Design

Our bespoke test system designs are tailored to meet specific project needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to testing infrastructure.

Plant Modelling

We develop detailed plant models to simulate real-world scenarios, enhancing the predictive accuracy of testing.

Closed Loop Simulation & Integration

By integrating closed-loop simulation into the test process, we offer a controlled environment to assess system responses and interactions.

Manual & Automated Testing

Our services span both manual and automated testing techniques, allowing for flexibility and precision in our testing processes.

Test System Management

We provide comprehensive management of test systems, ensuring they remain efficient, up-to-date, and effective.

Test Lab Setup & Maintenance

From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, our test labs are equipped to handle a wide range of automotive testing requirements.

Testing Management

Test Management is the cornerstone of our quality assurance strategy, focusing on meticulous planning, execution, and optimization of test cases. By leveraging automation and continuous improvement practices, we enhance testing precision and speed, reduce time-to-market, and ensure defects are managed effectively.

Test Case Development

We develop targeted test cases to cover all possible scenarios, ensuring comprehensive system coverage.

Test Automation

Our test automation services speed up the testing process, reduce errors, and increase efficiency, allowing for rapid iteration and development.

Test Optimization

We continually refine testing processes to reduce costs, time, and resources while maintaining high-quality standards.

Defect Management

Our defect management processes ensure that any issues are identified, tracked, and resolved promptly, maintaining system integrity and performance.

Ensure Superior Automotive Quality and Reliability With Our Expert Testing and Infrastructure Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of testing services do you offer for automotive systems?

Our comprehensive testing services cover a wide range of areas, including integration testing, functional safety testing (static and dynamic), software and system testing, network testing, diagnostic testing, end-of-line testing, field testing, and fleet management applications testing.

What are your capabilities in terms of test infrastructure services?

We provide a complete range of test infrastructure services, including LABCAR build and setup, custom test system and infrastructure design, plant modeling, closed-loop simulation and integration, manual and automated testing, test system management, test lab setup and maintenance.

How do you manage test cases and ensure quality assurance?

Our testing management approach focuses on meticulous planning, execution, and optimization of test cases. We develop targeted test cases covering all scenarios, leverage automation for efficiency, continuously refine processes for optimization, and have robust defect management practices in place to maintain system integrity and performance.

Do you offer customization for testing solutions based on specific project needs?

Yes, we provide bespoke solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. Whether it’s developing custom test system designs, creating detailed plant models for simulation, or setting up test labs equipped for various testing requirements, we ensure that our solutions align with the unique demands of our clients.