Calibration Tool

Karnex offers customised calibration tool development to cater to automotive production end-of-lines (EOL) and after-sales service.

Calibration Tool for Manufacturing / After sales

Through our rich experience in production and after-sales engineering, we deliver custom solutions to calibrate and recalibrate any ECU at your facilities. The goal of a comprehensive Calibration tool is to offer ease of use, accuracy and reliability across hundreds of thousands of samples over a standard OBD connection. We can reduce the costs and improve the reliability of your supply-chain with a custom Calibration tool built for tuning your ECUs at the factory / service station with minimum operator involvement and a close-to-zero margin of error.

An accurate calibration tool is important to comply with regulations, improve vehicle safety and customer satisfaction. With our expertise across various automotive diagnostic applications, we have accumulated decades worth of experience in calibration tool development.

A good Calibration Tool is your first defence at your EOL (End-Of-Line) against preventing any production defects too. Track and monitor the calibration history of your hardware at the production line using our Calibration Tool’s built-in data logging feature.

Enhance Precision in Manufacturing with our Calibration Tool – Optimize your Production Line for Peak Efficiency Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the calibration tool support EOL processes at the plant?

Yes, the calibration tool can handle various EOL procedures.

Can I read from and save to configuration files?

The Karnex Calibration tool supports saving configuration files and reloading your ECU configuration from them.

What features can I expect in the ECU re-calibration?

We can offer custom recalibration features based on your variant coding and after-sales needs.

On which platforms is the calibration tool supported?

We offer our tools to be compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Linux.

Does KARNEX provide Detailed Documentation for the Configuration Tool?

Every Karnex tool comes with a detailed user manual and support forum through which all your queries will be answered.

Does KARNEX offer post-production support and maintenance services?

Yes, we offer complete post production support for your peace of mind.