Automotive Vehicle Simulator Tool

Simulate your vehicle network without having an expensive bench setup, using the Automotive Vehicle Simulator Tool by Karnex.

Automotive Vehicle Simulator Tool and Rest-of-the-Bus Simulation (RBS)

Karnex provides a complete CAN restbus simulation for your target vehicle so that your embedded software development effort can be validated and verified against the requirements of the manufacturer. Our proven solutions ease the testing of all your functionality without having to depend on setting up an expensive vehicle test bench in advance. Using our automotive vehicle simulator tools, our previous clientele has made significant quality improvements in their pre-production software without sacrificing time and additional resources for multiple phases of validation.

Our tool supports Autosignals and Signal manipulation to correctly trigger various edge cases within the device under test (your ECU). By configuring various network parameters like BitRate, Frame format and addressing, and various trigger options, you can enjoy unlimited flexibility in Vehicle simulation.

Depending on the need, the RBS features can also be designed for third-party tool integrations. (External triggers, data interchangeability etc)

Drive Innovation with our Automotive Vehicle Simulator Tool – Experience the Future of Automotive Design and Testing Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trigger the Messages and signals using the keyboard?

Yes, Vehicle Simulation Tool allows mapping various hotkeys to transmit various messages within your RBS.

What are the advantages of using a Vehicle Simulator?

A vehicle simulator helps you test your ECU functionality at every stage of development, validate the system performance and gather metrics under different bus loads and achieve improved stability in your software.

Can I import a DBC file into the Automotive Vehicle Simulator tool?

Can DBC files are supported and they are the standard way to import your ECUs, network parameters and messages into the tool.

How is the Network Simulator different from the options available in the market?

Our Vehicle Network Simulator tool is easier to use and configure, and allows the expansion of features as per your needs and budget.

Does KARNEX provide Detailed Configuration Documentation for the Vehicle Simulator?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive documentation and support forum to answer all your possible queries when using the Vehicle Network Simulator / RBS tools.