Diagnostic Test Tool Development

Karnex offers tailored Tool Development for OEMs, delivering standardized diagnostic tools to meet your partners’ specific needs.

Diagnostic Test Tool for Automotive ECU R&D

Developing a Diagnostic Test Tool to complement your R&D efforts will provide cost and time benefits, thereby reinforcing your supply chain partners’ trust in you. Diagnostic Tool Development can be a crucial challenge for every automotive project during the initial phases. Our extensive experience with automotive tooling can help you achieve strict deadlines and quality measures.

From providing various Diagnostic and Communication routines to performing software updates, our Diagnostic Test Tool can enrich the workflow of OEM plants, aftersales and supplier processes. Our rich experience with CAN FD, CAN, LIN, UDS on CAN, UDS on IP, J1939, and KWP2000 helps you design custom functionality and interfaces compatible with all diagnostic protocols. We help you develop a comprehensive diagnostic testing tool to debug/ reprogram/ diagnose your ECUs (Electronic Control Units) and automotive systems.

Customize your diagnostic test tool to provide a smooth workflow for various standard procedures, which can be tailored to your teams’ requirements.

Elevate Automotive Innovation with Our Diagnostic Test Tool Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Diagnostic Test Tool come with customized branding?

Yes, you can brand your tool as per your needs.

What factors should I consider when planning my tool?

Target audience, specific needs, features, budget, timeline, legal and regulatory requirements.

Can KARNEX develop a front-end PC Flash tool for ECU flashing?

Indeed, we can integrate the flashing tool into the diagnostic test tool for Windows & Linux platforms.

Does KARNEX offer post-production support and maintenance services?

As it depends on your project size and on-site environment, kindly contact Karnex to discuss a proposal. Banner – Diagnostic Test tool Development

What support does Karnex offer in terms of after-sales?

Our tool development covers maintenance, software patches and updates throughout the life of the tool in your projects.