Model-Based Development

Model-based development for Faster time to market.

Model-Based Development for Automotive ECU

The complex software development of today’s new age ECUs demand for methodology which can save the time, ensure safety and reliability. This can be achieved by applying model-based development methodology using tools like MATLAB, Simulink and Simscape etc. The model-based development can save time by testing model in simulated environment and generate production ready code with following the standards.

Our team of MATLAB programming experts has been delivering cost and time savings with Model Based Design approach for product development.

Our Model-Based Development Services

Migration from Non-MBD to MBD paradigm

  • Architecture Development.
  • Modules/Component Development in MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow as per MAAB guidelines.
  • Memory Optimization for RAM/ROM according to MAAB guidelines.
  • ISO 26262 Compliant Models Rapid Prototyping- Virtual Prototyping, External Bypass etc.

Verification & Validation Services

  • Model in Loop Testing (MIL).
  • Software in Loop Testing (SIL).
  • Hardware in Loop Testing (HIL).
  • Processor in loop testing (PIL).
  • Simulink Design Verifier.
  • Verification and Validation (V&V) of MATLAB Simulink Models.

IS0 26262 Compliant MBD approach

  • Software development in compliance with ISO 26262 (part 6).
  • Support for development focused on ISO 26262 requirements specific to Model Based Design.
  • All additional V&V requirements are fulfilled based on ISO 26262 standard.
  • Models are created based on the requirements as per the ISO 26262 modelling guidelines.

Auto Code Generation

  • Code Generation using Target Link (MATLAB model conversion to Target Link Model).
  • Code Generation with Matlab E-coder.
  • MISRA, AUTOSAR compliant code.
  • Custom Code Generation with Custom Target Language Compiler and E-coder.

Integration Services

  • Application & LLD Interface Development.
  • Integration Testing in real time environment to ensure error free module interactions.
  • Testing on real-time hardware (bench testing) (HIL).
  • Testing on a target processor if real-time hardware is not present (PIL).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered in Autosar BSW layer development?

We offer engineering services for Autosar BSW layer Development. It concludes configuration of Memory stack, Communication stack, Diganostic Communication manager, and Operating system.

What services are offered in non-Autosar BSW layer development?

We offer engineering services for non-Autosar BSW layer Development. It includes stack development or configuration for Memory stack, Communication stack, Diganostic Communication manager.

Do you provide support for Rx and Tx messages of Interface layer of communication module?

Yes, we provide the support for the configuration of interface layer as per the requirements.

Do you provide services for AUTOSAR RTE configuration?

Yes, we have team of expert Autosar Developers. They have expertise in Autosar RTE creation that will serve as interface between BSW and APSWC.