Automotive Hardware Design

From robust control units to sleek interfaces, our automotive hardware design sets the standard for performance, safety, and reliability.

Automotive Hardware Design

Our Automotive Hardware Design solutions embody precision engineering and innovation, tailored for the automotive industry. We focus on creating robust and scalable hardware systems that drive performance and reliability.

From initial design to final testing, our comprehensive services cover every aspect of hardware development, ensuring that our clients have an all-ready design to be taken for the development or manufacturing step. With a keen eye on the future, we manage the lifecycle of hardware components, ensuring sustainable and forward-compatible designs.

Our Automotive Hardware Design Services

Hardware Design

Our team of experts specialises in developing advanced hardware solutions that are optimised for the demanding KPIs of automotive applications. We engineer resilience and adaptability in every circuit, processor, and system we design.

Schematic Creation

We lay the groundwork for successful automotive hardware design with clear and detailed schematics. Our schematic creation process ensures accuracy and ease of interpretation, facilitating smooth transitions from design to production.

Hardware Testing

Every component we design undergoes rigorous hardware testing to guarantee quality and reliability. We simulate real-world conditions to ensure that our hardware not only meets but exceeds industry standards and expectations.

PCB Design

The heart of modern electronics, our PCB design services are characterised by meticulous attention to detail. We optimise board layouts for performance, manufacturability, and thermal management, ensuring that our PCBs are built to last.


Our layout services are focused on optimising the physical space of electronic circuits. We ensure signal integrity, reduce interference, and maximise efficiency, considering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Obsolescence Management

In a fast-evolving industry, managing component lifecycle is critical. Our Obsolescence Management services proactively identify risks and develop strategies to ensure the longevity and upgradability of your hardware components.

Component Selection

Selecting the right components can make or break a system. We leverage our industry expertise to choose components that offer the best performance, value, and longevity, in line with the specific needs of your automotive applications.

Sensor Design

Our Sensor Design services craft precise and reliable sensors that feed critical data to the vehicle systems, incorporating new functionalities and enhancing the safety and efficiency of vehicles.

Empower your Projects with our Comprehensive Automotive Hardware Design Services, Delivering Precision-Engineered Solutions from Concept to Production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hardware development services we can expect from Karnex?

Karnex will support end-to-end hardware development – analysing the hardware requirements, architecture design, functional safety at the hardware level, board bring-up, unit testing and integration testing with the ECU software.

Why is Functional safety important in ECU development?

ECU development is a complex task which has enormous challenges. Ensuring reliability is one of the most significant challenges in ECU development. Since ECU controls critical parameters in a vehicle, any failure might have serious consequences. Hence, functional safety standards like ISO26262 are used in the end-to-end development process to improve the reliability and safety of the vehicles.

Will Karnex offer functional safety consulting for ECU hardware development?

Yes, Karnex will offer functional safety consulting for ECU hardware development, but we need to understand the requirements and architecture (if any) to support you.

What is Karnex's expertise in ECU development?

Karnex is a 10+-year-old organisation with a team of highly skilled professionals with an automotive background, serving the significant areas of ECU development (end-to-end) such as battery management systems, infotainment systems, instrument panel clusters, motor control and telematics control units. Over the years, we have gained credibility and reputation with several OEMs by supplying our automotive products and services.