System Engineering

Revolutionizing mobility with cutting-edge system engineering, we drive automotive innovation from concept to road-ready vehicles.

Automotive System Engineering

Our System Engineering solutions aim to solve complex challenges faced by automotive industries across various aspects of automotive systems design and development.
We build frameworks for designing, managing, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of vehicle systems. Our SES helps clients integrate advanced components into complex systems. We also help industries optimise designs for cost-effectiveness and manufacturing efficiency.

Our System Engineering Services

System Specification Design

We convert abstract ideas into tangible system specifications. Through meticulous analysis and expert design practices, we ensure that every aspect of the systems aligns with performance expectations and operational requirements.

Specification Management

Our Specification Management services ensure that all design documents are organised, up-to-date, and easily accessible, streamlining the development process and facilitating clear communication across teams.

Functional Safety: ISO 26262

Our services in Functional Safety management are guided by ISO 26262 standards, ensuring that safety risks are systematically identified, assessed, and mitigated throughout the lifecycle of automotive systems.

System Architecture

Our System Architecture services provide a structured framework that supports system complexity and facilitates integration, performance, and scalability.

E/E Vehicle Architecture

Our E/E Vehicle Architecture services are designed to create sophisticated and integrated networks that support the vehicle’s electronic systems, ensuring seamless operation and enhancing the driving experience.

Concept Design

We specialise in crafting innovative designs that not only meet current market demands but also incorporate forward-thinking features that enhance the credibility of automotive technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of System Engineering in automotive products?

System Engineering in automotive systems is a structured approach that considers the overall lifespan of the system from concept idea, design, development, testing and operation. It ensures that the system has been integrated and its interfaces and components are suitably designed. It guarantees the reliability and safety of the automotive product and also optimizes the cost.

What are the services offered by Karnex for the Engineering Process?

The system engineers at Karnex can offer support in all three stages of the system engineering process flow: requirements engineering, architecture and safety. Karnex will help you in the requirements engineering process by defining, documenting and maintaining the conditions as per the engineering design process. We further design the architecture, develop use cases for all the features and start implementation. The prototype will undergo close-cycle validation. Upon qualification of the POC, we conduct system validation, including performance validation. Karnex will also support you in the entire safety flow to ensure the automotive product is Fusa compliant based on ISO26262 standards.

Can Karnex support us in the architectural design and functional safety flow?

Yes. However, Karnex needs to understand the requirements carefully to identify the gaps in the architecture design and functional safety of automotive products.

Why is System Engineering essential for an automotive product?

System engineering is an essential part of automotive product development, aiming to reduce development times, ensure better quality in the end product, optimise costs, and ensure that the automotive product is functionally safe at the system level.