Automotive Software Flashing Tool

Karnex provides standalone Automotive Software Flashing Tools for ECU Reprogramming during development and mass production.

Automotive Software Flashing Tool for ECU

A secure flashing solution to accelerate your flash programming will save cost and time. Our proven flashing tools have been helping many OEMs increase productivity and streamline their manufacturing process.

Our flashing tool is designed for the manufacturing line and can be operated reliably in the production environment round the clock. The production tool by Karnex can be used with single or multiple targets, as per the required speed and configuration. Using the tool, you can transfer secure & non-secure binaries to your target in an automated or semi-automated manner.

The automotive software flashing tool can directly flash the required software and firmware on the vehicles once they are built and also when customers come in for servicing at the after-sales center.

Elevate your Software Game with our Automotive Software Flashing Tool – Transform your Vehicle’s Performance Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Automotive Software Flashing Tool manufacturer specific?

Even though our user interface is generic and designed to be independent of the underlying hardware, certain features are dependent on your target hardware.

Can you customise ECU programming within your bootloader sequence to fit the Flashing tool features?

Yes, this is an intended use of the bootloader configuration.

What kind of verification is performed during ECU reprogramming?

The Flashloader verifies every block written to the target using a CRC mechanism and can be configured to perform error detection or error correction.

Which operating systems does the SW flashing tool support?

We commonly support Windows and Linux operating systems.

Does KARNEX provide Detailed Documentation for the Automotive Software Flashing Tool?

Every Karnex tool comes with a detailed user manual and support forum through which all your queries will be answered.

Does KARNEX offer post-production support and maintenance services?

Yes, we offer complete post production support for your peace of mind.