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The VX1000 hardware enables measurement and calibration tools such as CANape to access ECUs with high performance and marginal impact on runtime. It is designed for use in vehicles, but can also be used on test benches and in the laboratory.
As part of the VX1000 hardware, the POD is physically and electrically attached to the ECU and is optimized for integration and use inside ECUs. The POD utilizes target-specific debug interfaces to achieve high data throughput with minimal impact on ECU runtime. The POD is connected to the VX1000 Base Module through a robust cable. The Base Module as main data processor is controlled by the measurement and calibration software via ASAM XCP on Ethernet.
The VX1000 Base Modules also offer CAN/CAN FD, FlexRay and Automotive Ethernet channels to access or tap vehicle
networks. And to aid ADAS development, GMSL2 and FPD-Link III/IV video interfaces are available for measurement and replay.
Thanks to its high scalability and broad portfolio, the VX1000 product family offers the right solution for every use case.