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  • Create Date March 13, 2024
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Latest installer of DaVinci Package Manager supported on Windows (32 bit/64 bit) Platforms

Release Notes 1.59.1

  • Installer Issue Workaround

Release Notes 1.59.0

  • Using .ecpliseproduct to get CFG Version
  • Split Send Email Page in Request-to-vector Wizard
  • Add Option to Update Existing Sub-project
  • Filter Static Sales Items by Use Case
  • Improve Logging when VLC is not installed
  • Rename Package Integrity Check task
  • Display Manifest Target When Importing
  • New Product Use Case: Hypervisor
  • Source Package Link Enabled For Missing Unlicenced Package
  • Bugfix: Warnings and Errors Are Not Updated
  • Bugfix: Decouple Missing Dep. Packages Validation from GUI Filtering
  • Bugfix: Links to Sub Projects on Shared drive Is Broken
  • Bugfix: NPE when downloading package from any wizard
  • Bugfix: Filtering Issue Reports in Folder Throws Exception
  • Bugfix: Filter Static Sales items by Use case not working
  • Bugfix: CybersecurityRelevant = true not considered correctly in generated ESCAN reports.
  • Bugfix: Reproduce Command wont work if TEMP and Package Folder are different drives
  • Bugfix: Incorrect Validation Message Displayed
  • Bugfix: Logging doesn't use Log Path in settings

Type :ZIP

Sha1-Hash :69828887c52f8ef733644120d973fe3d0bf73c60
Operating system :Windows
Version :1.59.1

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