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The origin of CANape (CAN Application Programming Environment) lies in the optimization of controller tuning in ECUs. To do
this, you change the parameters in the ECU at runtime. By measuring the signals, you directly record the effects of the change.
Because of the demands placed on measurement technology, CANape has become an all-round measurement tool. In recent
years, it has been further improved especially for the development of driver assistance systems and electric drives.
CANape offers a comprehensive solution for ECU developers and application engineers. The solution spectrum ranges from
measuring a wide variety of signals and objects, calibrating, and managing parameters in ECUs, to accessing bus data and
ADAS sensors, to automated data analysis.

Derived from CANape, other tools are available to you:
> vSignalyzer offers the same extensive data visualization capabilities and manual and automated analysis and reporting
functions as CANape.
> vMeasure is a flexible measurement software for the comfortable acquisition of physical quantities, internal signals of
the control units as well as signals sent via the vehicle bus.
> CANape log is software and hardware optimized for the logging use case that allows a CANape measurement
configuration to be taken directly and executed as a logger.
A cloud service for sharing projects is available via the Vector Team Area. CANape gives you direct access to the vMDM
measurement data management system. You can upload and download data and run data analyses in the cloud. The vCDM
option gives you direct access from CANape to calibration data in the cloud or on the server.